Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Moment of Reflection and Thanks

Everyone who has been following and reading along and commenting -- thank you!  I am so glad my writing and pics are providing some diversion and entertainment to people beyond just my own self.

The Lovely Cait, who blogs at Book Geekery, recently bestowed upon me and several others the title of stylish blogger -- go check her list out, I found some new favorites already!

 I am very flattered and grateful. So when you win this award, it is said that you should: a) Thank the person who awarded you, b) include 7 facts about yourself, c) pass the award on to other bloggers, and d) notify them of winning the award. 

It's a little like chain mail, I guess -- or I could be a wee bit less cynical and see it rather as a generous Pay It Forward that connects bloggers to each other. So, moving forward in all sincerity and earnestness:


One -- I hated skirts and anything remotely feminine in dress for years until I discovered swing dancing at sixteen and through that, vintage clothing, which completely changed the way that I presented myself to the world. I went swing dancing almost every week for the next four years, but since neither my college boyfriend nor my present love were/are into dancing, it made it harder to go often and now I am totally out of practice.

Two -- I have wide feet (well that's boring, but it is true).

Three -- this one is kind of revealing. I am a thin girl, always have been, but I'm not the same kind of skinny as I used to be, and I am bitter that I can no longer fasten the beautiful Rebecca Taylor beaded silk skirt I bought when I was nineteen. I cannot give it up because it's gorgeous and also because I still can't get my head around the fact that my life, my metabolism, and my dress size have changed in the last ten years and I am no longer the same being that recklessly bought that beautiful skirt at full price.

Four -- I really dislike foods that everyone else loves. Specifically mint, blueberries, and rye bread (unless it is totally free of caraway seeds), and most frosting. On the other hand, I love uni (sea urchin), liver, and fava greens.

Five --  I love plays, drama, acting, charades, anything!  I love seeing live theatre, although my play-going has been sparse of late. I did get to go see a classic 18th century comedy, "She Stoops to Conquer" by Oliver Goldsmith (who was Irish, even though he generally gets classified with the Brits) , at UCSB last month though, and it was hilarious and wonderful.

Six -- My favorite color is grey, and I like spelling it with an E.

and finally....
Seven! As might not be obvious from the fact that I am posting this at 6:30 AM, I actually was up all night. So my last fact is that I am a night-owl, especially when PDK is away, and when I am up at 6 AM, it is likely because I was frittering away all night  (or grading, or working because I have to give a talk that day) rather than that I pulled myself out of bed early.

Newest Winners
I love these stylish blogs and recommend them heartily:

  • Alterdelenda -- This is the blog of Katrina, a fellow etsyer (her shop is also Alterdelenda), and I love the way she pairs beautiful photos with sparse, perfect quotes and captions. Kind of the opposite of me!
  • Everything and no one... like the Last Mom on Earth -- Amanda's writing is truly beautiful and her process of exploration of self, world, and being with others is so thoughtful and present that I sometimes have to hold off until I have a long, peaceful moment to read her blog because I do not want to multitask and miss anything she has to say.
  • Of Another Fashion -- this awesome blog by Minh-Ha T. Pham focuses on vintage fashion and women of color in order to highlight the lives that were not represented by mainstream publications at the time. Her photos, many submitted by readers, go back to the 1800s, and these women were bringing it!
  • Harmless Color -- Sarah (another Etsy Blog Team member!) has a wonderful blog with beautiful pictures, lovely stories, cooking and sewing how-tos, and lots and lots of COLOR! You can also visit her etsy shop, where she sells edible and non-edible goodies.

Thanks for reading! I am going to sleep now.


Alterdelenda said...

Aweee thank you so much for mentioning me here! You have such a great blog. I love reading it. :-)

Amanda said...

Thank you so much! I'm flattered! I'll work on my post as soon as I get a moment. :)

Book Geekery said...

You're welcome. I know, it is a bit chain mail-ish. But I agree, when you look at it from a blogging perspective, it's a nice way to share your favorite blogs with others and makes people feel good! Those blogs that you awarded look great!!!

TheForestFaery said...

Congrats on being awarded the Stylish Blogger award! Great facts, I love to read fun facts about people... And by the way, I like spelling gray with an e, too! :D

HarmlessColor said...

Thanks for awarding me! I also do not understand the need for caraway seeds in rye bread. It's a wonderful grain, so why ruin it?

Simply Smitten said...

I thought it would be great fun to read personal bits about fellow bloggers, only problem was... the 10 I choose didn't want to participate! Go figure! ;)

My Hideaway said...

We have a lot in common! I also hate rye bread (but can't get onboard with you about liver and fava beans, I'm afraid). And I fell in love with plays living in London. Theatre there is so different from theatre in most towns here, which is either Broadway-style musicals with lots of jazz hands or Shakespeare festivals. (I should state that in DC we have all types of very good theatre, but before I moved to London, I had not experienced it.) I'm a night owl too, which drives my boyfriend crazy, though he's well used to it by now:)

tweal said...

Great blog - I just found it through the etsy blog team. And thanks to this post, I just found even more stylish blogs to visit! Thank you for sharing :)

But wait - liver over blueberries? That is truly strange. But I'm with ya about the metabolism - getting older is a bit of a wake-up call!

Mary Nasser said...

Congratulations! Your blog is great!


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