Friday, March 18, 2011

Skiing in Tahoe for Spring Break

Tahoe, Skiing, Sugr Bowl 2-11
Found on Flickr --  by Scott Thompson

I am so excited! My friend Kevin, a whip-smart fellow grad student in English, has invited me and some friends to stay with him for a five days at his boyfriend's gorgeous house in Tahoe. Yay Kevin and his retired-at-30-and-bought-a-house-in-Tahoe-because-he-invested-ridiculously-well-in-the-tech-boom boyfriend!

I haven't been skiing since I was like 16, when my mother sweetly took me, my high school boyfriend, and my best friend up to the mountains. My family used to go up to the snow every couple years before that, so I am hoping it's going to be more like riding a bicycle and less like html coding, which I am truly slow and stupid at when I haven't done it for several years. It will be interesting, to say the least, to see if I can stay upright while charging down mountains. I love the thrill of speed on the slopes, and I will just have to not eat much in order to be able to pay for the ski rental and lift tickets for as many days as possible.  Otherwise I'll have to go cross-country skiing, which is cheaper but  no fun at all, as in my opinion it's like walking, but harder, whereas downhill is more like

I wish I had planned a little more ahead -- I kept vacillating between driving up to see my parents (my dad's birthday being next week and my mother having strongly requested a visit) and going with my friends on this trip, and I just decided yesterday to commit to it.  (Being on fellowship next quarter means I'll have some freedom in my schedule, so I'll just go up see my family in the Bay Area during the week in a couple weeks.) I do have my mother's 40 year old stylin' '70s ski pants to flaunt all over the slopes, as well as my sister's old snowboarding jacket, which will make for an interesting combo. I wish I had made time to get some cute new stuff for myself... but that money is better spent on lift tickets anyway.  

I also wish PDK was going to be there, primarily because he's never ever been skiing, and it would have been super fun (and possibly hilarious) to watch him learn on the bunny slopes.  But he's visiting his family in India and then they are going to Thailand and Indonesia, so I guess he'll just be having a warmer, more tropical, more delicious vacation. He's gone for the next three weeks, and I always get a little lonely when he's away working or seeing his parents. That's one reason I've really liked having roommates I love, because for the last two years PDK was in Geneva all summer for work. Sad little me missed him, but having Ms. E just 10 feet away helped a lot. This time, it will be nice to be surrounded by friends for the next week -- especially since grades are due Tuesday and I haven't started yet! All these fellow grad students will be grading with me in Tahoe on Monday, I am sure.

Last thing on my wish list is that I wish I had the following etsy treasures for the apres ski moments in the week ahead!
So cute! Repurposefulunk's reconstructed sweater dress

Mmmmmm .... tetoncocoacompany hot chocolate mix

I know I'm weird, but I love the burnt orange that was so popular in the 1970s.
littlelittlelittle's ski jacket

For the students or parents among you, any plans for Spring Break yourselves?


aquariann said...

Have fun! As beautiful as that photograph is ... this winter made me sick of snow so I am glad I'm not there at the moment. I am practically doing cartwheels that it was up to 70 degrees in Delaware today!!

Tina S said...

Yeah -- I don't like living in snow. I like driving to it, frolicking in it, and then driving back to my 75 degree beach town :)

Careful what you wish for though, Aquariann! I was in Delaware last summer to do research at the University in Newark and the only time I have been more sticky and frizzy was when I was doing research in Atlanta 2 weeks earlier. You East Coast people and your "seasons"!

Anonymous said...

Yay, have FUN! I've never been skiing, but my friend tells me it's awesomely fun. :) Have a great time!

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