Friday, April 15, 2011

Etsy News

Just the headlines!

  • I am delighted to announce that the giveaway I participated in at Fantabulously Frugal has been won by Terecille of New Jersey -- Congratulations Terecille! Her bobby pins went out in the mail earlier this week.
  • new bobby pins are in my shop! 

  • I sold three items this week -- what a rush!  One to a friend, and two to a lovely woman I have not met who runs a letterpress company and makes gorgeous things. In fact, she heard about me solely because I left several very enthusiastic comments on the giveaway she is running right now: $50 in letterpress products or in a gift certificate to Apple,, or Amazon: go check out Dingbat Press's blog! So there has been lots of packaging and careful final finishing of my little fabric creations before I send them out into the wide world. And another friend, Megan, who modelled these bobby pins and this collage pin, is loving the bobby pin set I gave her as a thank you, and is going to buy more!

  • I have also been recently chosen by Taylor Lynne of the blog Dreams of Fae to be her featured etsy seller this week -- sorry I have been so belated in spreading the word, Taylor!  She was so kind to ask me, and she has also featured some wonderful other artists, and she has her own thoughtful, delicate nature photography on her blog as well. She is giving away one of her pieces to a lucky winner, and her giveaway ends on April 22!

  • Last thing to say about etsy is that I have had a lot of fun making treasuries this week -- too much fun! Which is your favorite? Comment and let me know!






Simply Smitten said...

Summer Seersucker Ceremony is my favorite. Lucky, lucky Terecille, your pins are adorable! Congrats on the sales! :)

soapdeli said...

Love the bobby pins. They are super cute!

Taylor Lynn said...

Congrats, Terecille!

I personally like #2, "Light My Hair On Fire", best. :) The colors are great!

And thanks for sharing all my links, I appreciate it! I was glad to feature you. :)

Have a great weekend!

Taylor Lynn <3

aquariann said...

Congratulations on the sales and wonderful feature. And wow, amazing treasuries!! My favorite is "Light my Hair on Fire" - but I may be biased. I'm going to dye my hair a brighter red on Friday - it's been natural for over a year and I'm ready for a change. :D

My Hideaway said...

Congrats on your sales!!

Amanda said...

Very cute bobby pin! Congrats on your sales! :)

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