Friday, April 22, 2011

Rockabilly Street style

Rockabilly Street style
Rockabilly Street style by Tina S featuring a cropped jacket

Saw a gorgeous woman with dyed white hair and a style all her own in a black Rosie the Riveter kerchief, cigarette pants, and the cutest polkadot espadrilles on the street today. I didn't take her picture, but I tried to reconstruct her outfit as best as I could here!


Taylor Lynn said...

I like people who, as you put it, "have a style all their own". It suggests that they don't care about being different, and they're going to dress how THEY like, not how people say they should dress. I love it! :)

Taylor Lynn

Simply Smitten said...

Don't you wish that you could just stop and stare sometimes? Soak it all in... without appearing rude! I love to admire people and all their different styles, such fun! :)

My Hideaway said...

Fantastic! I just ordered some more black cigarette pants because my old ones were a bit worn and faded. But I always mix in some modern pieces. I feel like if I dress from just one period from head to toe, I look a bit like I'm in costume or something. But I admire other people who can pull it off.

Tina S said...

@myhideaway, I totally know what you mean. I came across a reference to that as being dressed in " '60s drag," for example. I thought that was hilarious! I like going all out in vintage sometimes, but I age that it can feel like you are in costume... Especially if hair, makeup, and clothes are all totally of a type. When I was seriously into swing dancing in college, I did the vintage hairstyles, red lips, etc, but I have toned it down in recent years and gotten a bit more up to date, lol.

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