Friday, February 25, 2011

Best Friend-Book-Internet Coincidence Ever

I am so excited!  To begin at the beginning (and thereby build d  r  a m  a) ... My friend Genevieve, who works for Google Books and who was an English major with me back east in college, has a super cool blog that I like to read as often as possible. This girl is one of the funniest people I have ever met (we were in an improv group together in college, and I spent most of our performances trying not to break out laughing at her utter hilarity), and a great writer, and she does cool stuff to link publishers and libraries with Google Books, AND she finds really great things on the internet, which she posts at her blog, piglets and fishes.

This is where the amazing part comes in. Genevieve posted the best video today, which I am embedding below, too. I loved it. I watched the whole thing, all the way to the credits. And THEN I saw that the people who created the video are the super creative, totally talented, artistic-from-head-to-toe couple Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp and Sean Ohlenkamp.

And then I may have made a little shriek of glee, because Lisa and I went to high school together, were in loads of classes together, mock trial together, etc etc, and I consider her one of my oldest, closest friends, and supremely gifted into the bargin. She and Sean moved to Toronto last year, where PDK and I visited them in September (insert long story here involving PDK's cousin's wedding and a Mustang convertible). Now Lisa and her husband, who is an artist and graphic designer himself, get to share a studio and be creative together. Lisa has a blog, Blonderland, where she shares her art and the secrets of yummy vegan cooking, and sells her drawings and crocheted creations on etsy under the name blonderland as well: I love the weird wiles of the internet that have allowed one of my favorite people find another of my favorite people, and then I get to bask in the sunshiny happiness of it all, and now so do you!

OK, now for their awesome, bibliophile-pleasing video


TheForestFaery said...

Wow, that is too funny! What a chain reaction!

Oh, and I LOVE that video! Makes me want to make one of my own. :) Thanks for sharing!

demandablog said...

What a funny coincidence! Thank you for linking their blogs. I'm excited to read them. :)

Connie said...

What a cool coincidence and video! I'll check her out as well as your Shop!

Tina S said...

Glad you all like the video! I have watched it a few times now, and I think it's funny that you can see just how much time it all took when you look at the clock on the wall next to bookcase!

HarmlessColor said...

That video is amazing!
And yes....LOTS of time, but super results!

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