Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Treasury Tuesday!

Nanaob made this beautiful treasury yesterday, and I commented on it that it was so lovely it made me wish for rain here in California. Little did I know that I have god-like powers, and kazoo-kazaam, it started raining last night and is likely to go on all week!

It's been so dry and warm that despite the big storm we had in December that lasted for a week, people in the state are still nervously chattering about drought.

Secondarily, big thank yous go out from me to the lovely, talented, and perceptive(!) Etsy sellers who featured items from my shop in their recent treasuries: Katrina in Bird is The Word, Kristine in Robin Hood, DHElegance in A Floral Arrangement, and most recently, Ovgillie, who made a treasury titled with just an ellipsis ...

My own treasuries continue below....

Some of my recent treasuries have been spread around the social networks and the blogosphere recently, as well. Check out my treasury, A Girl and Her Animal Are Never Parted, which cool t-shirt maker 1Aeon kindly tweeted about!

 Additionally, Arete Designs blogged about the treasury I made that included their beautiful compass belt buckle, which I titled, "How Do I Get There?" and which was inspired by the Non Team Challenge #18, featuring the cupid's arrow ring.

My shop got lots more views thanks to the inclusive efforts of these sellers, and I am so pleased to get to know them through Etsy's Treasury function!

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