Saturday, February 19, 2011

Megan Models my Wares

Collage pin 
My friend Megan, another PhD student in the English department and a fan of Irish lit, was a sweetheart and agreed to model for me for some Etsy photos.  Her hair is so gorgeous and she has such a cool and unique style that I knew she would enhance my brooches and bobby pins.  She did such a great job and made it so easy!  We played around in the afternoon light for an hour, and then we each grabbed dinner, and later went to a clothing exchange organized by a friend -- more on that soon.

Modeling these pins
Her hair is so thick!  I think she looks stunning here. I blurred out the background by using a mask in photoshop and then applying lens blur.

A bunch more images after the jump.

I love this -- it's not great for showing off the pin, but you get a sense of Megan and her laid-back, feminine, hip style.  That's PDK's motorcycle acting as prop.  I blurred out the neighbor's trashcans  using the adjustment brush in camera raw, which can be simpler to manipulate than photoshop.

Such a rocker chick! I didn't so anything to this photo except bring up the exposure. I love how she looks here! What a cool girl.

I am so glad to have such darling friends to show off all the cute pins and hairpins I'm making.  Megan chose some fabric and buttons so I can make her some personalized hairpins as a thank-you gift.

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