Monday, February 7, 2011

The Monarchs are Back

This morning began very slowly, with tea being made very groggily an hour after I should have gotten up. Then, going out to the compost bin to add some food waste to it and turn it over, my extremely annoying neighbor decides it is the perfect time to discuss the supposed problem of animals coming into our back yard and rooting through our garden patch (described by her as "the pile of dirt"). I survived and escaped the encounter, and biked to work at the tutoring center (got there on time!). The library was giving away old books - like, really old paperbacks from the '50s, which I might want to scavenge for paper (more on that in another post -- I keep promising crafting discussions, and I swear I'll get there), and then I settled in at the desk, only to discover that in fact I had forgotten that I had exchanged my shift with another tutor, and I wasn't due in til noon! That's always better news than the other way around, which has happened to me before, where you are still asleep when your shift begins.

Long lead in, I know, but I am setting a mood here! Always having too much to do, I am thrilled to get home to get some work done and get some errands done,
instead of having them sit on my mind during the whole time I'm at the tutoring center. And riding my bike back from the tutoring center, I saw three gorgeous, fluttering monarch butterflies. The migration has begun! What beauty they are -- so bright that they stand out like scraps of sunset caught in the middle of the morning.

A few items from etsy that capture these lovely creatures:

by PereLachaise
Made by EyvindsAlchemy

from Seeing Life's etsy shop

And as these winged carriers of spring flitted by, I was listening to a very cool song (thanks KEXP for the podcast!) on my ride, "You Only Believe Me When I’m Lying" by Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers. It's a classic country song and I love the mandolin in it and the twang in the lead singer's voice: she's fantastic. You can download it by clicking here, or you can watch her sing it live at youtube.

Ms. Zoe Muth says: “I play it cool and I act as cold as ice / It’s the only way I know to make you look twice / Because you only believe me when I’m lying.”

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Norma G. said...

I love butterflies. They fascinate me sine I was a child. Hope you got to enjoy you extra time from going in to work too early.

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