Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thyme is on My Side

Oh how punny.

But it's true!  I've always had a ridiculously hard time keeping plants alive.  When I was my dad's gardener for two summers, my job was pulling weeds, because I'm really only good at killing plants -- I put my black thumb to good use, then.

But the sun is rising on a new day!  My roommate, Miss E, bought me a tiny thyme plant from the farmer's market because I love to use thyme in my cooking (like mushrooms, there is something essentially earthy and dark about the flavor of thyme).  And the poor little plant slowly turned into brittle twigs despite (probably because of) my attentive ministrations and regular watering. I was at a loss, despairing of my inability to keep plants alive.  But, thank goodness Miss E and my landlord are good gardeners, and they suggested transplanting the thyme plant into a larger pot, since it seems that regular watering does very little for a plant unless there's enough soil for it to draw the water from in the days between watering.

So I found a nice big pot, got some freshly composted dirt from our compost bin, and transplanted that dying plant.  And now, only a month or so later, the thyme is truly flourishing!  It added new growth and is bigger and greener every time I look at it!  I love it so much that I hate to use any of it for cooking, as it might make it afraid of me and want to die again.

Look at it now -- sooo pretty!  It's like a little bonsai tree in the last picture.

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