Friday, February 4, 2011

Icelandic Comedy 'King's Road'

Finally made it to a Film Festival movie last night!

PDK and I were going to see Benevides Born, but decided last minute to switch it up and see King's Road, or Kóngavegur in Icelandic.

Very funny movie! I have never had bad luck with any of the films I've seen at SBIFF, and this continues my run of good luck. I love that I get to see movies through the Film Festival that I'd never get the chance to otherwise. It's very absurd (for example, a grandmother has a dog that's actually a seal, which is actually dead and has a zippered compartment that she keeps precious things in), but I love that kind of thing when it's well done. It's kind of an ensemble comedy, with each person totally distinct and weird in their own way. And I really got a sense of how desolate, cold, and isolated parts of Iceland are.

The only other view I've had of Iceland was equally hilarious: Anthony Bourdain's trip there for No Reservations. Some nice person uploaded the episode to youtube, so if you don't ever get a chance to see King's Road, at least go and watch Bourdain have a miserable, freezing time in Iceland. You won't regret it.

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